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Scholarship Tips and Ideas for international Students 2022

Having in handy the best scholarship tips and ideas for international students goes a long ways in your scholarship application journey.

The success of any scholarship awardee is imbedded in the scholarship tips and ideas such an international students have accessed before putting in for the application.

Finding a scholarship is easier than you might think. Some students receive scholarships for their outstanding academic excellence and zeal for their area of study. Importantly, there are scholarships to help students who are struggling financially and those who may have been exempted from studying due to unprecedented circumstances.
Below are some scholarship tips and ideas on getting a scholarship including what you should look out for in your application.

Think a scholarship’s not for you? Well, think again.

Let’s go through these best scholarship tips and ideas for international students

1. Apply as early as possible

This is probably one of the piece of advice you’re sick and tired of hearing. The earlier you start your research, the sooner you can get support. Just ignore all the misconceptions about scholarships you might have and focus on your application. Because when you have support, you can focus wholly on your studies. Many organisations have one deadline per year.

Creating a profile on the scholarship finding guide website takes only few minutes. Once complete, you’ll be able to browse scholarships and funding options that match your profile. You should also check back-to-back updates often.
TOP TIP : Get your application in early. This gives the scholarships’ office plenty of time to follow up with you if there’s anything else needed to support your application.

2. Check university websites for opportunities

If you know what university you want to study at, then the institution websites are a good place to start your scholarship search. Normally, the university’s website will give a great deal of resources on scholarships, financial aid and other funding.

3. Think outside the box

What are you achieving outside of your studies that may merit recognition. If you’re a very high academic goals getter, great news: there are a lot of scholarships available, often with options specifically suited to your area of study.

4 . Don’t miss the closing dates

Obvious, but quite essential. With between $1000 to $25,000 on offer to help with your studies, it pays to apply on time.

5 . Don’t limit yourself to one scholarship

At some scholarship schemes, you can apply for more than one scholarship, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. You can hold unto two active scholarships at one time.

6. Personalize your application , but keep it relevant 

No one likes receiving a generic application that has been sent out in mass, so avoid sending out just one template to various organizations.
The panel accessing your application wants to get to know you; to get an idea of who you are, not just your abilities to fulfil selection criteria.
If you can include personal information and keep it relevant, then do so!

7 . Check your application for mistakes

You will leave a bad first impression if you submit a sloppy application. Make sure your application is complete. Proof read it carefully and correct any mistakes before sending it.
Also make sure you follow any application instructions given. For example, if you’re asked to send it out on an A4 paper, use only an A4 paper!

8 . Use a photo that leaves an impression of professionalism

First impression matters, so therefore your profile photo should be high quality and you should look happy and professional.

9 . Apply, apply, apply 

Finally, the last and most common piece of advice is quite simple :”stop doubting yourself, and start applying!
Most importantly don’t give up on your dreams.

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