Party Dozen Review “Real Work”

The cool new building had been sitting there empty for the better part of the year when Party Dozen came and wrecked it. Philanthropist Judith Nelson Gallery in Phoenix Central Park – an Architectural marvel In Sydney’s inner suburb of Chippendale, which has been described as an “artistic site of border clashing between vision, sound and embodiment” – it was only open enough to host a single event before the pandemic forced it to close. Ultimately, management decided that instead of letting the space idle, they filmed a series of shows by local artists from many disciplines. Among the invitees were Party Dozen, the rock duo Kirsty Tickle (saxophone) and Jonathan Bullitt (rhythm/sampling).

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Here’s how the Epic Things 4 guitar scene came together

Netflix The fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, Volume 2 has finally been released on Netflix. If you haven’t watched the last two episodes (or at least an hour into Episode 9), look no further. there spoilers Before. You’ve been warned, so don’t send a demodog after me or anything. Film shared a roundtable interview with … Read more

Adele’s Skepta is hospitalized with a mysterious illness while fans ask about their connections

‘Say a little prayer for me’: Adele’s ‘ex’ Skepta hospitalized with mysterious illness as dirt artist tells fans to keep him in their thoughts By Geraint Llewellyn for Mailonline Posted: 13:33 EDT, July 4, 2022 | updated: 13:34 EST, July 4, 2022 Adele’s ex-boyfriend, Skipta, who has been reported, took to his Instagram stories on … Read more

Tim Westwood: BBC says it has received complaints against DJs | Tim Westwood

The BBC revealed that it had received complaints against Tim Westwood — including one that was referred to the police — despite previously insisting she had no concerns about the DJ’s behaviour. The company says it is reviewing six complaints related to Westwood, including some that have been in the past, raising serious questions about … Read more