Dairy land gas plant faces new judicial challenge; Opponents question the environmental review | Science and the environment

Chris Hobosch | Wisconsin Magazine As they launch a new legal challenge, environmental groups are directing a federal review that says a planned Superior natural gas power plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite millions of tons of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere each year. The Minnesota-based Dairyland Power Cooperative is seeking a … Read more

Heavy rainfall boosts bird breeding across the Lachlan River, but drought ‘left only one failed rain event’

Heavy rains across Australia’s east coast are revitalizing wetland bird species, but conservationists have warned that the next drought is about to come. the main points: Bird breeding events have been recorded in wetlands across central western New South Wales Government agencies say preparations for the next drought have begun to improve water security Researchers … Read more

Study says ‘ghost genes’ from coyotes could help save endangered red wolves

red wolves once Lived throughout the southeastern United States But it was declared extinct in the wild in 1980. Today, thanks to the work of conservationists, there are about 20 red wolves in the North Carolina wild, re-released from captive groups, and 240 in US zoos and reserves. Bridgett vonHoldt, a Princeton University biologist, has … Read more

What the Supreme Court has ruled the EPA can and cannot do

A Supreme Court ruling Thursday significantly reduced the EPA’s authority to limit emissions from power plants under the 2014 rule, but the agency still maintains other tools to limit emissions — for now. In a 6-3 ruling in West Virginia v. EPA, the court’s conservative majority found that the EPA lacked the authority to enforce … Read more

How to sort organic waste in Sacramento, and more Norcal counties

Highway 120. Mike: New laws go into effect today. One rule that will affect everyone is new rules about the way you dispose of trash. Brandi: KCRA 3’s Erin Heft joins us from the newsroom to explain how it works. Erin: Good morning. This is required statewide, by law, so if you’re listening to this … Read more