Genetic factors that increase the likelihood of cancerous mutations detailed in a new study

Newswise – Mutations occur in different tissues and organs of an individual. Somatic mutations occur in cells that will not give rise to offspring and therefore are not passed on to subsequent generations. Somatic mutations are caused by a large number of factors such as age and smoking, which are the main cause of cancer … Read more

A wearable device to help individuals with the rare genetic condition PIEZO2-LOF

Credit: Caudalie et al. (2022) The mechanosensitive piezo-type ion channel component 2, or PIEZO2, is a protein-coding gene that has been linked to mechanically activated (MA) cation channels, which link mechanical forces with biological signals. The protein encoded PIEZO2 can rapidly adapt to MA currents in somatosensory neurons, which are responsible for processing sensory information. … Read more

Laboratory Global Model Animal Market Distribution Channel | Regional Analysis 2022-2029

Global Laboratory Model Animal Market Size and Forecast 2022 The latest global market research Laboratory Model Animal Market 2022 to 2030 provides increasing technological progress, profit margin, production scale and many other fundamental factors responsible for accelerating the growth of global laboratory model animal market and, at the same time, provides a particularly positive impetus … Read more

Improved research on diet and dementia

Hussain Yasin, MD, assistant professor of medicine and neuroscience at the Keck School of Medicine at USC and Kenneth and Pete Falk Head of Neurology at USC. credit: USC Anyone searching online for brain-healthy foods will find no shortage of stories offering nutritional recommendations. Some of these stories refer to observational studies that suggested a … Read more

Largest genetic atlas of zebrafish ‘breakthrough’ for biomedical research

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Newly published research indicates that medical and life sciences researchers will benefit from the most comprehensive atlas to date of genetic data for zebrafish. The atlas will help researchers to better study the incidence of different types of cancer (such as skin cancer), heart disease, and neurodegeneration. It may help more … Read more

New screening technology can speed up and improve mRNA therapies

SENT-seq uses orthogonal capture sequences to generate tunable polyatomic readouts. attributed to him: Nature’s nanotechnology (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41565-022-01146-9 Therapies based on messenger RNA, or mRNA, can treat a wide range of diseases, including cancer, genetic diseases and, as the world has learned in recent years, deadly viruses. To work, these drugs must be … Read more

Why does Gohan look so different from Goku and Bardock?

The inner workings of Dragon BallThe sprawling universe often leaves fans confused. While many of the details could be interpreted as Akira Toriyama’s desire to make things easier or that the production team chose for the sake of time, many fans want in-universe canon interpretations of the many mysteries. One such factor is Saiyan genetics … Read more

Historical fiction and science fiction to check

Written by Laurie Wilson Readers, what would I do without you? Every time someone (often a stranger) tells me they’ve read my column, I am humbled and amazed. If they come to the library and order a book from the column, that’s even better! One day a friend saw me across my checkout line at … Read more

Scientists find new way to understand genetic disorder in children

Washington: According to a recent study, a group of scientists has moved closer to understanding unresolved Mendelian diseases. They found that Mendelian diseases are inherited from one parent due to a gene mutations In the developing egg or sperm, by studying the inheritance of a protein known as SMCHD1 which is encoded by the SMCHD1 … Read more