Research team develops ultra-wideband coupler for highly efficient second harmonic generation

Three-dimensional structure of the X-cut edge coupler, consisting of a suspended SiO2 waveguide and a three-layer SSC. Credit: Liu et al. Advanced Photonics Nexus (2022). DOI 10.1117/1.APN.1.1.016001 Thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) has recently emerged as a versatile nanophotonic platform. With the advantages of high optical confinement, enhanced light-matter interaction, and flexible control of scattering, TFLN-based … Read more

The issue is that colliding neutron stars create magnetic stars

Artist’s depiction of a neutron star. Credit: ESO/L Calcada Magnetic planets are among the most amazing astronomical objects. A teaspoon of the material they are made of can weigh nearly a billion tons, and have magnetic fields hundreds of millions of times stronger than any magnetic field found today on Earth. But we don’t know … Read more

Triple eclipse of the stellar systems

Diagram of a triple ecliptic star system as seen from above the orbital plane. The green circle and green path identify the triple star, while the red/blue inner paths are for the inner binary pair. Only about two dozen star systems are known to have triple lunar eclipses; Space scientists used TESS’s observations, along with … Read more

Advocating a new model for electron simulation

The expanded theoretical underpinnings cater to new empirical tools such as those found in the Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields (HIBEF). Together, the previously elusive effects can now be investigated. Credit: HZDR/Science Communication Lab Although most of the basic mathematical equations describing electronic structures have been known for a long time, they are too … Read more

Conserve energy in the room

The sensor is installed for use in a MKID camera outside of the solar system. Credit: Ben Mazen It may seem that technology is advancing year after year, as if by magic. But behind every incremental improvement and breakthrough revolution is a hard-working team of scientists and engineers. Professor Ben Mazen at the University of … Read more

Capture the beginning of the rotation of galaxies in the early universe

Conceptual image of MACS1149-JD1 rapidly forming and rotating in the early universe. Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO) As telescopes have become more advanced and powerful, astronomers have been able to discover more and more distant galaxies. These are some of the oldest galaxies that formed in our universe and that started to recede away from us as … Read more

Scientists say objective reality may not exist

One of many greatest mysteries in Quantum mechanics is whether or not bodily actuality exists independently of its observer. new search from Brazil gives sturdy proof that there could also be mutually unique, however complementary bodily the info within the quantum world. Future analysis on the massive quantum controversy could give us an excellent perturbation … Read more

Scientists demonstrate ‘dead cone effect’ to drive particle physics

The researchers noticed the “useless cone impact” for the primary time ever. The useless cone impact is a vital part of sturdy nuclear energywhich is liable for binding subatomic particles And the gluons. This work was printed within the journal final month mood natureproves that the appeal quark has mass. ALICE COOPERATION IN Massive Hadron … Read more

Can we travel through time? A theoretical physicist provides answers

Time journey seems often in widespread tradition, with numerous tales of time journey showing in movies, tv, and literature. However it’s a surprisingly outdated thought: one might argue the Greek tragedy Oedipus rexWritten by Sophocles over 2,500 years in the past, it’s the first time journey story. however he time journey Truly attainable? Given the … Read more