Best Anime VR games and headphones to run

VR games and headsets are becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. With the improvement of technology, the price of headphones is more affordable, and a variety of games, the future Virtual Reality They look bright. especially for lovers anime games. Related:Best Free VR Games With a VR headset, anime fans can … Read more

Epic Games Dean Reinhard: Excited to see innovations in virtual production

default production into the spotlight due to restrictions placed on the media and entertainment sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Epic Games has launched several support initiatives such as the Unreal Fellowship and the Women Creators Program to foster creative talent and empower the next generation of professionals. Image Courtesy: Epic Games It has enabled … Read more

Cinequest returns with a personal festival this summer

Cinequest returns to downtown San Jose in August, more than two years after the film festival stopped midway through its last in-person event at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think it’s going to be a great experience,” said co-founder and festival director Halfdan Hussey. “The thing about Cinequest is that you get people … Read more

Q&A: Design engineers can change the game with an extended reality

If the Silicon Valley tycoons get it right, the day will surely come when industries scramble to put together “virtual world” strategies. Engineers are already at the fore in harnessing near-perfect versions of Extended Reality (XR) platforms to visualize their concept designs and apply new technologies to test manufacturing processes. However, the combination of augmented … Read more

Wonderland allocates $25 million in new Sifu project

main socket Wonderland voted today to invest $25 million of its treasury in Sifu’s Vision. Sifu’s Vision is a project started by Wonderland community member and convicted fraudster Michael Patrin. It appears that Patrin had enough TIME tokens to swing the vote in his favor and earned at least $23 million from the handover. Share … Read more

Augmented reality, creative economy, B2B marketing and more

Cannes Lions Grand Prix Image Alliance via Getty Images Three years later, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity He brought back in-person attendance for the first time since the pandemic, and let’s say he definitely made up for lost time. Thousands of attendees traveled to the south of France to celebrate the best in creativity … Read more

I can’t believe I’m paying taxes for that

Have you ever ever checked out your wage and grow to be depressed? Am I the one one who sees my wage deductions and appears like I am not getting it The worth of my cash for presidency providers supplied? Do not get me unsuitable. I do not say we Mustn’t pay taxes. I want … Read more