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How to Write a good Scholarship resume | Template for international Students

A good Scholarship resume for your scholarship application is one of the major criteria that most institutions put into consideration in granting scholarships to its applicants.

Notwithstanding, other requirements also serves as a strong backbone to your scholarship journey but be that as it may, a good resume is a cogent stronghold for securing a scholarship application.

What is a Scholarship resume

A scholarship resume is a resume that’s used as a supporting document to apply for scholarships, which describe in details your academic background, awards, achievements, and activities, while also including your key skills and any professional or volunteer work experience you have.

A good and well written Scholarship resume serves as a direct passport that reveals in detail, your personal self, your academic background and qualifications, your drives and reasons for putting up an application for that particular scholarship, what you tend to achieve and impact by securing that scholarship.

10 Important Documents for International Scholarship Application 2023

What does a good Scholarship Resume Template Entails

Well-constructed scholarship resume will often minimally include; a cover statement or statement of research interest, academic background, awards, achievements, publications information, research experiences, teaching experience, services done, awards and honors.

Many scholarship applicants get stock in their thoughts, the reasons why after putting up so many impressive and elaborate scholarship applications, they ended up not been considered. Many of these applicants have an intimidating results and from a reputable institutions and yet they were not successful in their scholarship journeys.

Some of these applicants have come to the conclusion of not applying again for any scholarship; reasons being that they are not lucky, favored or that they are not having the right channels or sometimes connections as many may think, to secure an international scholarship.

We have to acquaint ourselves and come into this realisation that securing a scholarship is not by luck, favor, connection but simply by following and abiding by the rules that guide that scholarship requirements.

A good Scholarship resume goes a long way in helping to stand out among other candidates in your scholarship journey. Always be unique and dynamic your application.

From this guide we will be looking at some important and good scholarship resume template that will help you uniquely stand out among other scholarship applicants. simply follow these steps;

Reflect and Brainstorm your Academic Credentials

Before starting to write your resume, you must make an assessment of yourself and determine the elements of your professional, academic and personal experience which you will place on paper.

Initially you should gather as much information as possible to have a broader view of what you have to offer, and then you should choose which ones to show and how to do it. Remember that the scholarship provider has the final word, so research about him and the profile he seeks . Based on this, select and highlight the most relevant skills and experiences in your scholarship resume.

You can start the research by reading the description of the scholarship and its requirements very well. You can also check the profiles of other fellows studying on that scholarship. Many times the scholarship providers publish articles or institutional videos in which other scholars share their experience and that is your opportunity to analyze their profile.

When you do your research identify key words and write them down in a list, so you know how to address your resume. For example, you will know if you should focus more on the academic, professional or personal skills and experiences. It can also help you for example, to know if you should show more as a researcher, leader, creative or socially aware.

How to Organize Scholarship Resume for Scholarship Application?

All resumes must have three parts: contact information, education and professional experience. However, I recommend that you add other sections that make it easier for the reader to identify relevant characteristics such as: Certificates and acknowledgments, Volunteering and other experiences, Software Skills and Languages.

Arizona State University/Mastercard Foundation Baobab Digital Innovation Scholarship 202


Normally it goes first because it is what will allow you to show that you meet the basic entry requirements. For example, if you are applying to a PhD , you have already completed a Master’s degree; or if you apply to a master’s degree, you have already completed your undergraduate degree.

Write only the title obtained, the institution, the year of graduation, along with the city and country where you studied. Add special recognition or your qualifications, if they were outstanding.

Work Experience

Do not limit yourself to describing the tasks that you carried out, but include your achievements and measurable results. With this you are demonstrating to the reader that you leave a trace where you work and that you are aware of the impact of your work. Also write it as the first person, but avoids the use of “I”. Remember that it is about what you have done and, therefore, you are the main character of what you present.

For example, instead of writing “sales and event organization” you better write “I increased sales by 20% over the same period last year and organized events with budgets of more than 500,000 USD.” Always clearly refer to true facts.


Show the languages ​​you speak with the respective level: native, basic, intermediate or advanced. Avoid getting entangled with numerical scales that make it difficult for the reader to understand.

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Personal Skills

As you mention your technical skills, also mention your personal skills. This section is vital so that the reader can quickly recognize that you have the profile that interests him. In addition, with this you can also demonstrate self-knowledge and balance.

Other Key Elements

If you have written publications or have been awarded prizes or certificates that complement your formal academic training, you can organize them in a section to highlight your achievements. Also provide links (DOI numbers) to your publications if available. Similarly, if you have experience in extracurricular activities or volunteering , I recommend that you organize them in another section to quickly demonstrate your pro-activity and social awareness.

Some Scholarship Resume Template

we have outlined some  scholarship resume templates from different reputable institutions across the globe, including undergraduate, Masters and PhD scholarship resume. Follow the links below


Following the outlined procedures and templates will simply land you your scholarship dream.

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