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How to Apply for Alicia Patterson Fellowships 2023

Alicia Patterson Foundation has opened its application portal for Journalists, Science and Environmental Writers, Reports, Editors, Publishers, Photographers etc for its 2023 Fellowship programme.

About Alicia Patterson Fellowships

Alicia Patterson Foundation was established in 1965 in memory of Alicia Patterson, who was editor and publisher of Newsday for nearly 23 years before her death in 1963.

Since the inception of the Alicia Patterson fellowships, it offers One-year and six month grants to working journalists to pursue independent projects of significant interest and to write articles based on their investigations for The APF Reporter, a web published magazine by the Foundation and available on the web.

Winners are chosen by an annual competition. The competition opens in June and all entries must be submitted by November 1. Applications are accepted from U.S. citizens who are print journalists with at least five years of professional experience.

Target Applicants for the Alicia Patterson fellowships

  • The Alicia Patterson fellowships are open only to U.S. citizens who are fulltime print journalists, or to non-U.S. citizens who work fulltime for U.S. print publications, either in America or abroad.
  • Freelancers are welcome to apply.
  • All applicants for the new Cissy Patterson fellowship for environmental or science topics, should complete the Alicia Patterson Foundation application. The aim of the trustees who established the foundation was to improve the quality of U.S. print journalism.
  • Foreign journalists seeking fellowship help may want to consult the annual list of contest and awards compiled by Editor and Publisher magazine in New York City.
  • All fellows apply for the Alicia Patterson fellowship and applications that deal with science or the environment will be considered for this additional fellowship. Science and environmental topics will continue to be part of Alicia Patterson fellowships.

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Aim and Benefits of Alicia Patterson  fellowships Programme

The fellowships provide $40,000 for the full-year stipend and $20,000 for the six-month fellowship.

Documents Required for Alicia Patterson fellowships Application
  • Fellowship Proposal: A complete, typed statement not to exceed three (3) single-spaced pages, on how you would use an Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowships, and why. Each candidate may submit only one proposal. Two applicants may collaborate on one proposal, for example, a writer and a photographer.
  • Reporters and Writers: Submit three copies of three articles with publication date and place noted. (Don’t send books or chapters of books). Parts of series counts as one article, so it may be wise to choose only one part of a series and submit two other, unrelated articles in order to show diversity of topics. Do not submit any more than three articles. The judges will see only three and we’d rather you make the selection. The content of the articles, rather than date or place or publication, is most important.
  • Editors: Send three copies of four samples of work you have edited, using the guidelines provided. Attach a statement regarding your contribution to the finished product. If you also write, you may substitute two of your own articles in the four sample total.
  • Photographers: Submit one set of 8 to 12 samples.
  • All Applicants: You will have the option to select a 12 or 6 month fellowships. Note: judges on rare occasion have awarded a six month fellowship for an applicant requesting a 12-month grant.
  • References: Have two (2) persons who are familiar with your work and your proposal submit a letter of recommendation directly to the Foundation by November 1. There is no set template for the letters; ask recommenders to write about your talents, ability to overcome obstacles, etc. Please list the names and addresses of your references on the application form. Have reference letters emailed to: engel@aliciapatterson.org
  • Professional Autobiography: A typed statement, not to exceed two (2) single spaced pages, to include reasons for going into journalism, journalistic experience, and future plans.
Estimate Costs

A detailed, typed budget statement, not to exceed one (1) page, to include two categories.
Projected fellowship Costs: Travel, books, short-term housing, etc.

Personal Maintenance: An estimate of living expenses for one year for yourself and your family (if any).
Where possible, list known costs; where not, estimate. Subtotal each category, then total both.

At the bottom of your budget page, please indicate what funds, if any, would be available from other sources in support of your proposal fellowship year.

Click on link below to apply 

 Alicia Patterson Foundation on aliciapatterson.awardsplatform.com 

For more details,visit APF website

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