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10 Important Documents for International Scholarship Application 2023

These outlined 10 Important Documents for International Scholarship Application 2023 is a hallmark for the success and acceptability for any given International scholarship application.

Applying for a college or international scholarship application is equally important as applying for a degree course so you should treat it with all sense of care and responsibility.

What would studying abroad be like for international students if there were no international scholarship application? Given the invaluable roles scholarships play in international education, you want to know how to qualify for them.

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Handy Documents that applicant should be abreast with 

1. Completed scholarship application form in all respect

The complete application form is the very first and most critical document. Therefore to prevent rejection, carefully check and accurately fill in all the sections of the application form correctly before submission.

2 . Copy of national ID / passport

A copy of your valid identification card is the next step for a successful international scholarship application. The passport must and should be valid even after your departure and six months after the grade is completed. A copy of the first page which includes all your basic information is sufficient.

3 . Attested copies of transcripts / diplomas

The submission of up-to-date copies of your transcripts or diplomas is another important document never to forget when seeking for a International scholarship.
Send the transcripts of records from the last school you graduated or currently attending (high school if you’re to apply for a Bachelor degree or Bachelor diploma and records if you apply for a Masters course). The transcript of records is a photocopied page of all your courses and grades and credits that you achieved for each course. This particular document should have an official signature and stamp from your school or faculty.

4. Statement of purpose / letter of motivation

This statement should contain only one page, around 400 words long at all time and don’t make it ambiguous with inaccurate or deceptive details. This letter should contain your reasons on why you applied to the chosen degree course and how it relates to you future/career goals.

5. Letter(s) of recommendation

Along with your application form, you will also have to send a recommendation letter. Usually it’s one but in some cases you may be asked to provide two.
The teacher or supervisor’s letter of recommendation is a necessity because it says a lot about your academic prowess. This letter(s) helps the scholarship provider access the academic capabilities for the degree to be attained.

6. Curriculum vitae (CV) resume

You necessarily don’t need to have a work experience. At the moment you apply for a scholarship, you can simply include all your study experiences, hobbies, interests, achievements and social skills.
Remember to include all languages you know but be honest with your proficiency skills.

7. Standardized test scores

SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA and other test scores can be an important factor when the university considers who they offer scholarships to. Always bear in mind that students with higher marks are favored than those with a low score.
For awarding the scholarship, this is not what they mean, but prior to recommendations, they review all documents minutely

8. Essay

In addition to the letter of motivation, you may be required to write an essay and touch on a certain subject usually scholarship related.

9. A medical report / health evaluation form

Signed by an authorized clinic/hospital from your home country.

Please note, all documents must be translates either in English language or in the official language of the destination country.

10 . Parents’ / Guardian’s financial information, including tax returns

Don’t wait till the last minute before you start compiling all these papers. Organizing and gathering all scholarship documents will take a while.

Send out only requested documents. Also make sure to keep a copy of each document at hand. Finally, apply anything by the deadline for the submission or before

Note: Some International Scholarship Application require additional qualification or document as the language proficiency test shown to be

  • English Language can be : IELTS or TOEFL, Cambridge.
  • Spanish: DELE
  • French: DELF or DALF
  • German: DSH, TestDAF, OSD or TELC

Good luck in your financial aid hunting!

More Tips: http://aiu.edu

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