Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024/2025 (Fully Funded)

Scholarships for Muslim Students
Scholarships for Muslim Students

Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024/2025. Are you searching for fully funded scholarship opportunities for Islamic students? This page offers a comprehensive list of scholarships available for Muslim students in the 2024/2025 academic session.

Islam is the second most widely practised religion in the world, with around 25% of the global population following it. Muslim students have access to several scholarship opportunities, some of which are available to those studying any field, while others are reserved for those pursuing Islamic education or a related field. By reading on, you can discover the top scholarships for Muslim students and find the perfect match for your area of study.


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Overview: Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024/2025.

I have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of fully funded international scholarships for Muslim students who are planning to start their studies in the academic year 2024-2025. These scholarships are available at some of the top universities in the US, Europe, Britain, and Asia.

Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024
Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024

This article will be beneficial for all Muslim students who are seeking financial support to pursue their higher education.

If you’re looking to enrol in a BSc, MSc, or PhD degree program in 2024 and have good grades, it’s important to start preparing your scholarship application documents now. In this article, we’ll explore all the scholarship options available to you in the coming months. It’s worth noting that non-Muslim students are also welcome to apply for these scholarships if they’re interested. So read on to learn more!

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Fully Funded Scholarships for Muslim Students in 2024

After researching various scholarships available to Muslim students across different countries, I have compiled a list of the top scholarships for Muslims.

Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024 2025
Scholarships for Muslim Students 2024 2025

Below is a comprehensive list of all available scholarships for Muslim students.

#1 Islamic Development Bank Scholarships

Islamic Development Bank realizes the importance of human resources for the advancement of society and sustainability therefore IsDB addresses human resource development needs through its scholarship offerings to Muslim students but you need to make sure that your country is an active member of IsDB to stand eligible for their scholaarships which are provided for undergraduate degrees, Masters Degrees, and PhD in particular fields of study.

Muslim Scholarships by the Islamic Development Bank cover monthly stipends, tuition fees, the cost of medical treatment, and airfare. Students selected for the scholarships have to study in their home country’s public universities but if their field of interest is not available they can be admitted to member countries having an agreement with the bank.

#2 ASSR Science Scholarship:

The Canadian Albert Association sponsors this scholarship. This scholarship is developed for students who desire to study at their dream universities in Canada. This scholarship is awarded for full-time post-graduated Muslim students and a limited number of scholarships for undergraduate students.


  • Student’s assurance of a return to hometown.
  • Academic educational scores
  • It is preferred that at the time of application, the student is residing in his/her home country.
  • Has a proper plan for conducting research.

#3 Islamic Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is meant to finance studies in particular majors in the USA. Islamic Scholarship Fund was established to increase American Muslims’ representation in politics as well as media and this Islamic scholarship fund provides funding to students who are Muslims or are from members of the Muslim Communities in the USA. So to get this Islamic scholarship, students must have US citizenship or be a resident of the USA and they must also be enrolled for a degree with an ISF-supported major at an accredited university in the USA.

A certain maximum amount per student is awarded through the scholarship provided by the Islamic Scholarship Fund whereas in addition to this Islamic Scholarship Fund also provides film grants and congressional internships and fellowships in line with its mission. 

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#4 Muslim Youth Leadership Award:

The Muslim Youth Leadership Award was developed in 2003 to encourage future leaders to get an excellent education and participate in community services. 

  • Students join full-time journalism or law programs and must participate actively in political activities.
  • After their selection for the scholarship, they must participate actively in community projects for up to a year.


  • Muslim students must have done their graduation from high school by the current semester.
  • It requires two letters of recommendation.
  • Incomplete applications submitted after the deadline are unacceptable and will not be reviewed.
  • In addition to general essays, full-time law or journalism applicants should complete one section of specialized essays to get some bonus.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on the 4th scale GPA.

#5 Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships

If you want to study at the University of Oxford on a scholarship then this is for you and this scholarship is for students of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies which is an independent centre within the University of Oxford. and this Oxford scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees and provides a grant for meeting living expenses for the full duration of the course.

Only students starting a full-time Master’s or DPhil course at the centre may apply for these scholarships however apart from these benefits oxford scholarship is only granted to students residing in specific countries and who intend to return to their home country after their studies and all these scholarships are provided based on merit only. 

#6 Aziz Foundation Scholarships

Aziz Foundation provides scholarships to British Muslims and these scholarships are offered for Full-time postgrad Degrees in the UK and provide 100% tuition fee support whereas all these are provided to British Muslims who want to uplift society through community development and better representation in society so basically this foundation helps them through scholarships if they are facing difficulty in financing higher studies.

Apart from general master’s scholarships the foundation also has a preferred partner scheme through which it provides scholarships in particular majors at its partner universities which include Regent’s Park College, St. the Edmund’s College University of Cambridge, City University of London, University of Sussex, the University of St. Andrews and Aston University Birmingham. 

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#7 Amana Mutual Funds Scholarship:

Amana Mutual Funds scholarship is for US College students studying Mathematics, Finance, and economics. 

  • This scholarship is provided by the Society of North America, which provides financial support For Muslim Communities. 
  • Amana mutual fund scholarship attempts to align investments with Islamic finance principles. Students also work at organizations developed by the American Muslim Community. 


  • Students must be under-graduated.
  • They have permanent residency and US citizenship.
  • Applicants must have a GPA higher than 3.0
  • Students applying for the scholarship must major in Mathematics, Finance, and economics.

#8 King Faisal Foundation Scholarship Program

King Faisal Foundation provides scholarships for Muslim students across the world displaying academic excellence and such scholarships are designed to financially support such students to pursue their studies in science, engineering, and medicine at different levels including undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I must also mention that King Faisal scholarships are now provided for students who want to pursue their education in universities under the umbrella of the King Faisal Foundation.

Through the scholarship, the King Faisal Foundation aims to raise the economic and social standards of Muslim countries. Scholarships are awarded to students under certain criteria. 

#9 MAX Scholarships

MAX or Muslim Awards for Excellence aims to elevate the status of Muslims in Canada by recognizing their achievements as well as motivating them and these scholarships are provided to Muslim students who show excellent performance in university or high school and have contributed to their school.

MAX scholarships are provided for high-school students and postgraduate students in different majors in Arts and Business, Science and Engineering, Humanitarian, and Medicine. There are many different scholarship programs available for students in Canada. 

#10 Muslim Education Trust Scholarships

This is a trust developed for Muslims in India. It provides financial assistance through its scholarships to uplift the social and economic conditions of minorities for the prosperity of the nation and their scholarships are awarded to students so that they may be admitted to institutions to prepare for Civil Service Examinations or get enrolled in universities of repute whereas their awardees are expected to participate in community development after completion of their degree or educational program. 

#11 Fadel Educational Foundation Scholarships

Fadel Educational Foundation is a non-government organization founded by the Fadel Family that aims to encourage American Muslims who wish to pursue higher education by providing them with financial support which provides scholarships to American Muslims as well.

Thus, these field scholarships cover the tuition fee for their degree and are up to $10,000 this foundation has helped many Muslim students in the USA up till now so students get the award for one year after which they have to apply again for getting the award for subsequent years of their degree.  

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